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Do small stores need to buy a cash register?

September 11, 2020

The individual retail industry has developed rapidly over the past few years. After opening a store, the business wonders whether it is necessary to buy a cash register to help the store complete its daily work and marketing. Does buying a cash register seem unworthy of entanglement? You see, almost every store with a slightly larger scale and a wider variety of products will have a cash register. May wish to think about it in depth, has the cash register really helped them, and the function of the cash register has played a good role?

If you need to use the background data of the cash register management system, you need to know the amount of invoicing, inventory, hope to open member management, hope to analyze the monthly daily sales report, hope to open online payment, reservation, group purchase and other functions. Cash register must be bought.

In addition, there is reason to believe that the vast majority of people do not know what is the difference between a cash register in a supermarket and a cash register in a convenience store; whether the milk tea shop and the clothing store can choose the same cash register; Whether the management model belongs to fast food or dinner.

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Say an example of a story:

A guy was optimistic about the agricultural market, opened a pesticide store, and bought a supermarket cash register. In the process of use, he found that many fertilizers, seeds, and some pesticides were unpacked and sold separately. Farmers generally choose several kinds each time. There is no barcode. The scanner of the supermarket cash register is very embarrassing. The vegetable and fruit type weighing platform scale has been broken several times under the heavy fertilizer bag. During the busy season, the busy turn around, had to move out of the abacus.

One day, he ate with his friends who were catering, complaining in the process. After thinking about it, a friend asked, why not change the catering cash register? Set different specifications for each product in the background of the cash register. When you pay, you only need to superimpose a small ticket. Isn't it easy to solve it?

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There is another quite popular idea, where the shop where you are your own boss replaces the cash register with a computer. The next free cash register management software on the Internet is too difficult to use, or a window will pop up saying "The trial period is over, please continue to pay for it". In fact, a computer plus a fee-paying software far exceeds the price of a cash register.

If the shop's running water can't be recorded with paper and pen, then it's time to buy a cash register. Moreover, with a simple and elegant cash register, the image of the store will become more professional.